Rubber hoses solves EN 13482

EN 13482 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for asphalt and bitumen – Specification – This European Standard specifies requirements for two types of hose and hose assembly (Type 1 and Type 2) identified by their maximum working pressures (Type 1 7 bar and Type 2 15 bar) and main use, i.e. Type 1 is for road and rail tanker use and Type 2 is for dockside use. The types are further divided into two classes related to the maximum temperature of the product to be conveyed (Class A up to 175 °C and Class B up to 200 °C). The hose constructions may be smooth bore (SB) or rough bore (RB). NOTE These types of hose or hose assemblies are not necessarily suitable for all types of petroleum based products or coal tar, or products containing coal tar.

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